Reckless Driving Chesterfield Virginia Points

Reckless driving is often defined as “crime which involves over speeding, not obeying signs and signals or distracted driving as well”. But in Virginia, mental state of that person does not matter that much, but rather a combination of violations will be considered as reckless driving. Although the law clear and well defined but in reckless driving the opinion of the police officer observes the crime, matters a lot because he is the one who apply charges on the person. But in some cases, charges are not clear-cut and lots of other factors does effect the situation such as “Reckless Driving by Accident”. Reckless driving is one of the most offensive and dangerous crimes around the globe. According to the Virginia law, in general reckless driving rule, which comes under the code 46.2-852. According to this rule any person who is driving and recklessly and putting the life, limb or property of any person in danger, regardless the speed limit allowed, that person will be guilty of reckless driving. There are more than 20 driving charges in Virginia law. But the most common of them include:

  • Driving a vehicle that is not under control
  • Reckless driving by speed
  • Danger to life, limb, or property
  • Reckless driving by control impaired or view obstructed

According to the Virginia law, reckless driving is an offensive crime and therefore there is a high punishment for such a crime. According to law, person accused of reckless driving will be condemned following punishments,

  1. Fine of $2500
  2. Jail for at least half year but it can be up to one year
  3. Suspension of driving license for 6 months or so

Mostly a person accused of reckless driving will be charged by the two points, around the globe. In other countries these points will remain in the record for 3 years. But in case of US government and then specially Virginia, these rules are a little bit stricter. Therefore when a person is accused for such crime in USA then he/she will be accused of six determinant points. And these points will remain in the record for at least eleven years. Court also sentences extra penalties and fine due to previous driving record of the respective driver. That’s why these points can affect the future driving record of the driver. But in some cases driver can raise his/her voice against the punishments, so that it can be reduced, on the basis of other facts present there. But they are not as much vulnerable. And such try can only be accomplished with the help of a legal advisor or a lawyer.

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