Online Sexual Solicitation Minor Virginia


In general, online sexual solicitation of a minor involves engaging in an internet communication with a child where the individual asks or solicits the child to meet with him to engage in any sexual act. It can be annoying for any person who is charged with this sex crime because it doesn’t involve the actual sexual act. The simple act of communicating with a child in a certain way can result in being charged with this crime.

In Virginia, internet solicitation of a child falls under the code of Virginia section called use of communication systems to facilitate offenses involving children. This is an extremely broad law covering a wide range of such activities and can involve the use of any electronic device, such as a bulletin board, cell phone, sexting, and internet. It is illegal for a person to use any electronic device to solicit any individual that he knows or he has a reason to believe is under the age of 18 years old. The solicitation of the following could be a violation of this law:

  • Exposing his sexual parts or genitals to a child to whom he is not legally married to or suggest that the person expose his genitals or sexual parts to the other person.
  • Propose that the child caress or touch his own genitals or the person’s genitals or sexual parts or that the person caress or feel the child’s sexual parts or genitals.
  • Propose that the child engage in the act of sexual intercourse, anal intercourse, fellatio (oral stimulation of a male’s penis), cunnilingus (oral sex on a female’s genitals), or any other prohibited sexual act in the law.
  • Entice, allure, or propose that a minor enter into a home, room, vehicle, or any other place to perform one of these prohibited sexual acts.

It is also illegal under the code of Virginia to distribute, possess, or produce child pornography and to take indecent liberties with a minor, like exposing his genitals or the sexual parts to the child. Solicitation for the purpose of prostitution and sex trafficking are also crimes covered under this law. If you are charged with internet or online sexual solicitation of a child, you could also be charged with other sex crimes, such as taking indecent liberties with a minor.


Online sexual solicitation of a child is a felony. You could be charged with the sentences as follows:

  • If you’re at least seven years older than the minor or the minor is or you believe he is under the age of 15 years old, you could be sentenced in between 5 and 30 years in jail. The compulsory minimum sentence is five years in jail.
  • If the child is between the age of 15 and 18 years old, you could face a sentence of between one and ten years in jail.
  • You could be required to pay a fine of up to $2,500, not more than that.